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A Thriving Congregation in Southern New Jersey

Luther Memorial Lutheran Church is open to worshippers of all ages and backgrounds. We lead our congregation in worship, deepening the connection to God, understanding the teachings of Christ, and ultimately to a vibrant faith.

Welcome to our webpage and thank you for visiting!  We are a member church of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and welcome you to worship with us. We are a Christ-centered Church proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose to give us everlasting life.  We teach the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and the only authority for Christian living.

We gather each week around Word and Sacrament to receive His grace and share His love. We go out into our community, sharing the light of Jesus Christ with those we meet.



At the Heart of Everything We Do

As devoted members of Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, we are constantly pursuing the calling to be fully devoted followers of Christ. To build a true heaven on Earth, we live life based on the teachings of the Bible, are passionate about prayer and are grounded in spiritual accountability. If you are interested in joining our Church, please reach out. We would love for you to visit.